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Should You Buy New or Used?

Whether to buy new or used is up to you!

It can be tough to decide between a new and used vehicle, especially when you can browse such a wide selection of used vehicles, right after looking at new optionsWhat the choice truly comes down to is deciding what’s most important to you, so we’d rather not steer you in one direction over the other. That’s why we suggest taking a test drive to really make your mind up.

Until then, check out the pros and cons of buying new or used below 👇

Buying used from Capital Chrysler is budget-friendly and economical.

The Benefits of Buying Used: it’s budget-friendly and economical.

Buying used is usually cheaper.

If you’re on a budget, there’s a chance that you can find a great selection of used cars in Edmonton that you’ll love that also fit within your budget! Sometimes, the difference in cost between a new and used car can be up to $20,000! 

Used cars depreciate at a lower rate.

Cars carry a certain dollar amount of value with them, and when you choose to drive a new one, that value drops (that's called depreciation) as soon as you drive off the lot, and keeps dropping over time. But with used, you don’t need to worry about it depreciating as quickly.

That means that your investment is going to be worth a similar amount for a lot longer.

Registering a used car won’t stress your wallet as much.

Taxes, title, and fees are something that you’ll need to worry about in one way or another with any vehicle purchase. If you opt to go with a used car from Capital Chrysler, all of those fees come in at a lower dollar amount than they will you decide to buy new.

Buying insurance for a used car is usually cheaper than insuring a new car.

Repairing an older car usually costs less than repairing a new car. That’s just one of the reasons why buying insurance for a used car will cost you less than insuring a new car.

Buying new from Capital Chrysler.

The Benefits of Buying New: you get to choose everything.

You can choose exactly what you’re looking for.

Every inch of your new car - from the model and trim level to the interior and tech features- is up to you! You can pick exactly what you want, and we’re to help you do just that!

The latest and greatest in tech and safety.

We all know technology is changing every year. And with a new car, you get to take advantage of that! Want to be able to use your smartphone to navigate? There’s a tech feature for that! Want to choose a model that warns you about oncoming traffic? There’s a safety feature for that!

When you choose to buy a new car in Edmonton, you’re choosing to enjoy the best that tech and safety has to offer.

A manufacturer's warranty is on your side.

When you’re talking warranties, the most affordable and most comprehensive option is always a manufacturer’s warranty. But, those are typically only applicable for a certain number of years or certain mileage amount, and so a used car may not come with a manufacturer’s warranty.

But with a new car from Capital Chrysler, you’re covered. 

Finance rates are a little better for new.

New vehicles are less likely to break down, so they’re less likely to need expensive repairs. In a bank’s eyes, that means a new car loan should come with lower rates than a used car loan. Those savings really add up when you apply for a car loan!

Which sounds better to you?

When it comes down to it, the best choice is one that fits your needs and budget. So whether that means you’re browsing used or choosing new, we’re here to help! Feel free to start with your trade-in or financing application, or just let us know when you're ready to come in for a test drive!



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